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Our job is good design, 

our love is great furniture ...

Tell us exactly what furniture & decor pieces you're shopping for and we'll

source, customize, and deliver for you. 

We'll use our upholstery and wood refinishing partners to completely personalize your piece, all within your budget, dimension, style, and material needs. Our partner company,

Studio Eastman, will make material and color suggestions using our extensive interior design knowledge and access to trade-exclusive textile sources.

There is no fee for this service - you'll pay standard Aattic retail pricing!

We just collect a small, fully refundable deposit that will be applied to your purchase when we find your piece. 

Please fill out the form below and let us know what you (well, now we) are shopping for. We ask that you opt into text messages below so that if we find the perfect piece, we can move fast. We'll be in touch within a day or two to chat details and

we'll get hunting. 

xo - AA

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Thank you for your request - we'll be in touch shortly!

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